Children's Dentistry

Creating Positive Experiences For Children

Children's Dentistry in Rochdale

At Roch Valley Dental practice our ethos revolves around caring for your whole family. We believe good habits should start early and are focused on delivering high-quality care to all.

As such, we have programmes aimed at delivering preventative care for children. Our dental team provides fluoride varnish application to most children as a matter of course and aims to ensure that your children’s experiences at the dentist are all pleasant.

We follow local programmes such as ‘Baby teeth do matter’ and have been highly commended by the Local Area Team for our practice.


Advice For Your Child’s Teeth

  • · Brush at least twice a day with an adult toothpaste as soon as the teeth appear
  • · Make brushing fun with the use of videos or apps on your phone
  • · Spit don’t rinse
  • · Avoid sugary snacks and drinks in between meals
  • · Bring your child to the dentist regularly

Children's Dentistry Frequently Asked Questions

How long will be my child’s check-up take?

The length of your of your child's check-up can be between 5-15 mins.

Do I need to brush my child's teeth before their visit?

It would be best if you brought your child in as they normally are so that we can get a real good idea on how to improve their oral health.

What if my child is scared of the dentist?

We take pride in our approach to your child's dental care. Your child will not be rushed and we will ensure they have a positive experience to help remove their fear.

Ensure Your Child's Teeth Are Healthy